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The ONLY Consumer Advocacy firm with the Experience and Proven Strategy to assist in reclaiming your  money from Deceptive and Misleading Business Opportunities that do not full-fill their spoken promises. 

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You can trust that your case and personal interests will be handled with professionalism, integrity, and the utmost discretion. The end result will be accurate, on time, and done at the best of our abilities.



October 2013

I have plenty of things to talk about in regards to this outstanding company that is really second to none. I have been approached by many companies in my time and I'm in my 70's that claim to be something they can never be when it really comes down to it. U.S. Consumer Services is the real deal they are the only company I have had the pleasure to work with that did exactly what they claimed they could and that for me was worth over $10,000 because of the experience and integrity of this phenomenal establishment. -- Vernon Heiden, West Fargo, ND. 

September 2013

The experience and professional manner that was shown by U.S. Consumer Services during the dispute process was unbelievable. They are very educated in the industry and the effective approach in which they took from the very first contact told me that I have a REAL opportunity to recover my losses from the many deceptive and bogus business opportunities that I was involved with. They kept me up to date on all contacts and results of the legal disputes filed on my behalf. If it weren't for this company I don't believe I would have received my money back. I highly recommend contacting this company if you have been burnt or scammed by the many home based business opportunities across the country. Thank you for helping me get back over $31,000.00 -- Kathleen Baker, Hot Springs Village, AR.

August  2013

"U. S. Consumer Services L.L.C., has provided me with the piece of mind that my interests are protected by Law when faced with deceptive or misleading business opportunities that are out there scamming good people out of their hard earned money, and providing only a contract that is NOT only stated prematurely that products, goods and services have been delivered to the satisfaction of the consumer but is completely false to the actual way that they are described when contacted. Thanks to US Consumer Services for assisting me in recovering the $15,000 I would have been out of if it wasn't for their efforts." --
Sandra Foust, Dayton, Ohio  

July  2013

"This Company has been all that it states it is, Professional, effective, and definetly helped me recover $7,000 so far of $22,000 of my money and are in the process of assisting me with another dispute  totaling $14,500 I have all the confidence in the world in U.S.Consumer Services for doing what others couldn't or wouldn't. Thank you." -- Laural MacDowell, New York 

"U.S. Consumer Services unlike a lot of the other companies claiming to be able to recover my money from deceptive and misleading business opportunities they have the strategy and the experience that produced positive results $25,000 in my case, I can't say enough about this company and it's staff that kept me informed through out the entire process and were straight forward with the process from the very beginning. I highly recommend their services." -- J. Reddick, Corpus Christi,TX

June 2013

" I just want everyone to know what a great and professional job U.S. Consumer Services did for me and my dispute case with Bank of America, I tried disputing the charges myself without knowing anything about the procedure or Laws that are involved and necessary to get the credit card company to find in my favor when disputing against a deceptive and bogus business opportunity. However U.S. Consumer Services knows the industry and was very effective in recovering $10,493.00 that I had been scammed out of by Success Online and The Success Planning Group. Thank you so much US Consumer Services." -- Gail Garland, McComb, OH

U.S. Consumer Services L.L.C.

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